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Maya Goor Petel

Astrologer for Awareness and Personal growth

Astrological Consulting

The astrological map gives a new perspective on the structure of personality. These are the tools you have to change your routine and realize yourself.

Open your eyes and see all the ways and options available to you. Be on your right path. Inflow, understanding and thankful.

Act and move forward with new inward and outward vision.

Personal awareness of growth and success.

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Maya -


Maya Goor Petel

Astrological for growing awareness and success

Astrologer specializes in personal, marital and parent counseling. Lecturer on a wide range of topics in the astrology world. Teaches beginner and advanced astrology courses.

"The astrological language provides us with a wealth of tools for growth and success. We have the right to choose. Knowing to recognize the opportunities and breaking out or staying in the shell. "

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About Maya

I have been exposed to the world of astrology for over a decade.

Even when I was a child, I had questions about the mysteries of the universe:

What am I doing here ?, Why am I here? What does our life mean here?


I knew the astrology world most superficially: from the press. In retrospect, it seemed puzzling and illogical to predict global and personal events and processes that would fit exactly millions of different people together.

I studied astrology at Mali Barzilai and discovered a whole world of vast and diverse knowledge.

A wide array of tools that directly affect a person's personality structure. Rooted traits, acquired traits, family, friends. Experiences we went through and we will go through. What people do I magnetize to me and why. Couples, children, careers and more.

I studied astrology for soul development with Maurice Fernandez.

Astrology simplifies the complexity of life in everyday life and large, personal and global processes.

For each one there is the path and correction in a life journey, the direction is written in advance but the mode of execution is subject to personal choice.

The astrological map helps to choose a path at major junctions in life. The map sharply and centrally shows the way and reflects the personality structure. Our lesson here and everyone's journey.

Having studied and researched hundreds of astrological maps. I realized we were a small particle in the system.

Today, I am a personal, spousal and parental consultant in astrology. Lecturer and teaches astrology courses.

The map shows what tools we have without the masks and shells. What behavior patterns characterize us from infancy and which we acquired during life and why? How to deal with daily routine? And more.

I am grateful and bless the astrological language that made me see our journey clearly and simply.

I applaud the opportunity to help people who are at a crossroads in their lives and enlighten their eyes on which path to turn and where to go. What is unnecessary and what is needed for the journey.

Success - the desire to change a routine becomes real.



Maya Goor Petel

Couples Astrological Advice

Dreaming of getting old together in a relationship?

Is it possible or remains a dream?

How can you keep your attraction, passion, and friendship together if at all?

Living in this relationship grows and develops together. From the first stage of falling in love with living together as partners in everything. Living together is an intense, ongoing and full of work on conditioning and change. is that so?

We live in a daily race and try to function best at work, in school, with our children and friends.

The routine changes couple life to role managers and urges the intimacy and the relationship.

In a couples counseling map, we will cover all issues and ways to solve them.

The couple's relationship affects the family's functioning. Physical, mental and spiritual. The marital map brings mutual understanding and awareness of each other's needs and desires and optional tools for common growth and continue the journey.

Personal Astrological Advice

A personalized astrological map is a very accurate diagnostic tool.


Have you reached an essential moment when you have to choose the right path for you?

Have you consulted the family, the surrounding area and still missing a piece of the puzzle?


Here comes the help of a personal astrological map.

In a one-and-a-half-hour personal counseling session, we will reveal the personality structure, roots of plants, patterns of behavior, desires, and needs. The astrological map gives a new angle of vision to the ways of action and tools you have to change and realize your dreams.

To open your eyes and see all your ways and options.

When you understand and acknowledge your choices in life.

You walk confidently out of integrity, love, and acceptance.


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