• Maya Goor Petel

Forecast 16.10 - 22.10

New world order

16.10 The lunar birthday in Libra close to the sun symbolizes the characteristics of the coming month. Longing for harmony, sharing, and really strong peace. But, the birth of the moon takes place in front of Mars which retreated in Aries and squared to Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter in Capricorn. Together they symbolize a stormy month full of events. Rigid laws of various authorities in the world, when in front of the growing anger and revolts of citizens. A point of light comes from Venus in Virgo in the Triangle to Palace in Capricorn which allows us to illuminate the environment with joy and love, to be in giving, and to create collaborations that will yield value. Mercury which is in retreat in Scorpio versus Uranus in Taurus raises many questions about the new laws in contemporary reality and emphasizes to us that the occult prevails over the visible.

17-18.10 We are eager to open up to social encounters with the sun in Libra, get a Saturn to stop in Capricorn that keeps us in the strict framework rules, puts doubt and heaviness. However, positive energy also comes from Neptune in Pisces in hexagon to Jupiter in Capricorn which magnifies our creative side, to create out of nothing. New ideas come up on paper for further practical realization.

19.10 The inner urge to do very strong when on the other hand a great heaviness that sticks in place without the ability to actually move forward, Mars in retreat in Aries, in the square of Jupiter in Capricorn. However, the swing balances slightly with Venus in Virgo in the Jupiter triangle in Capricorn and the goals are postponed, but write them down in order to perform them at the right time. "Everything in time", Venus in Virgo versus Neptune in Pisces emphasizes to us the fact that the universe has its own rhythm.

20-21.10 The swing continues between keeping the rules of the frame and the desire to break the frame, Mars continues to be square to Saturn.

How is the relationship? Mercury in retreat clings to Juno in Scorpio and together reinforces the desire to step up in a relationship. The thing is, they are facing Uranus in Taurus who kicks conventions, shakes the ground, and wants freedom. So before entering into conflicts on a marital background and manipulating each other, it is worth breaking a routine within the existing possibility and openly laying the cards on the table out of a desire to share and be together in love.

22.10 What values ​​lead you and what would you give up for them? Sun in Libra in hexagon to Vesta in Leo illuminates the intensity of the values ​​that fill us with the energy of light and life. Venus in Virgo emphasizes the preoccupation with matter found in the triangle of Pluto in Capricorn and raises the deep and acute question of what is really important to us in the current reality? What we must give up, uproot, in order to leverage ourselves at this time and be filled with joy and love.

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Maya Goor Petel