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Up coming Forecast. 14-20 of January 2022

Look how much uncertainty surrounds us now. What is right and what is wrong? Mars in Sagittarius squared to Neptune in Pisces throws arrows in every direction and the feeling is of lack of control over the disease, rules, vaccines, what is allowed and what is forbidden, feels a bit like we got lost.

Mercury the media star entered the retreat in Aquarius on 14.1.2022 next to Saturn and in the square of Uranus in Taurus. The withdrawal will last three weeks until 5.2.2022. So how is this going to affect us? First of all, mass protests by residents on issues of social injustice and distrust of systems of government as characterized by Aquarius. There may be power outages, malfunctions, and falls on social networks, the Internet, cellular. Beware of hackers!

At the same time, the atmosphere of chaos in terms of what is allowed and what is forbidden continues with Mars squared to Neptune in Pisces.

The atmosphere becomes gloomier as the sun clings to Pluto's clothing. The economic crisis is deepening. The sun illuminates the decay that is in the infrastructure of the economic system in need of change.

18.1.2022 The full moon is very powerful in Cancer versus Sun and Pluto in Capricorn. The earth is shaking now and the climate is stormy. Rising emotions, fears, and anxieties may rise from the depths of the mind. The economy is in a deep crisis when the main sufferer in the United States Cancer who will soon experience for the first time the return of Pluto since its establishment in 1776! I will detail below. Social relationships and marital systems can lead to crises and disconnections. Relationships that are currently in crisis and are succeeding this period successfully, will be strengthened and held together for a long time.

20.1.2022 Sun in the transition to Aquarius. Congratulations! Aquarius symbolizes high thinking. Acceptance and preoccupation with new and sublime knowledge and passing it on. Symbolizes transformation, change, a new way, and new tools to deal with the existing. Has a quick perception, perpetuates himself by transferring knowledge. A friend of all but feels above and sometimes seems strange to society.

Aquarius people are unpredictable, find it difficult to conduct themselves in a social setting, and are full of surprising changes during their lives. Changing jobs and areas of occupation and study. Tend to change and diversify marital and social relationships. Need a living space and a sense of longing in a long-term relationship. Fighters for Justice and Social Equality.

Aquarius people have a hard time managing under the authority over them. Independent and groundbreaking but may be locked in on their way without opening up to other directions. Tend to be angry and suffer from nervous problems, may feel lonely due to lack of emotional openness.

Aquarius people are good at media, art, computers, electronics, astrology, science, aviation.

Now with the transition of the Sun to Aquarius, we would have expected liberation from the rigid and cool atmosphere. But, Mercury in retreat in Aquarius Venus in retreat in Capricorn still imparts to us a heavy feeling that will be released a little with the return of Venus to direct gear on 29.1.2022 and more relief with the return of Mercury to direct gear on 5.2.2022.

So far,

with love,

Maya Goor Petel

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