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Upcoming Forecast 1.10 - 7.10

1.10 - 2.10 Exposure. The communication becomes more visible with Mercury squared to Pluto revealing to us parts of information that has been hidden until now.

We learn a lesson in mental balance with Venus in Scorpio square to Jupiter in Aquarius. Venus in Scorpio symbolizes totality in terms of personal needs and social connections and is now challenged by a square to Jupiter in Aquarius which amplifies totality to the danger of getting out of control. So even if you are in the midst of a war for a value that is important to you, check the facts in depth before you go to the front. In addition, there is a gap between personal frustration and compromising with the environment due to the proximity of the sun to Mars and both face Chiron in Aries. The balance comes from a harmonious triangle between Saturn in Aquarius and the Sun and Mars and leads to restraint and exercise of judgment before speech and action.

3.10 - 5.10 Courage enter the picture with Venus in Scorpio hexagon to Pluto in Capricorn which instills in our energy of courage to come to light with new revelations. Mercury in the triangle of Jupiter in Aquarius brings innovative ideas, thinks outside of the box.

6.10 The mood change. The new moon in Libra is next to the Sun and Mars and opposite Chiron in Aries. Mainly affects Aries, Libra, Capricorn, and Cancer. Pay attention if you are acting out of pain and emotional anger. Stop for a moment and examine the consequences of that long-term action.

7.10 The inner Soal in the test of reality. Pluto finishes his retrograde in Capricorn, immediately after the new moon in Libra, and elevates the deep and hidden emotions for inner cleansing and liberation. Pluto in Capricorn does not fixes the problem, but uproots the problem and rebuilds the infrastructure.

Globally, Pluto indicates an exacerbation of the economic and social crisis. Social protests, security unrest, and problems in the economic infrastructure that require a fundamental change may arise.

The positive vision comes from the constellation in Libra, Sun close to Mars, and Mercury in retrograde close to the Moon. They represent the power for positive change comes from working together as a group.



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