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Upcoming Forecast 12.2-19.2

This week Aquarius is still starring in tremendous intensity. The new moon along with six stars in Aquarius fill us with electrical energy, excitement, and speed. But notice, at the same rate the energy is depleted. Mainly affected by Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, and Scorpio. Opinions are now divided with the square between Aquarius and Taurus and the division between groups of people has become deep and extreme. Each group is truly confident and ready to fight for it. Besides, the star of Illusions Neptune is in Pisces and forms a T-square on the head and a dragon tail on the axis of Sagittarius and Gemini. And the question arises what is truth and what is an illusion? Is there a basis for news and publications in the media or is there a hidden majority over the visible? Do Sagittarius and Gemini raise the issue of what do people choose to believe?

12.2 - 13.2 Seven stars in Aquarius fill us with courage and excitement to change the routine and start anew, but on the other hand, the division between the people increases, and with it the violence rises a step. Avoid outbursts of violence and taking the law into your own hands out of an act of bullying. Mercury in retreat in Aquarius squared to Mars in Taurus creates a conflict between the longing for the freedom of action and doing out of obedience to the framework laws. This angle leads to the flooding of social networks with various protest calls befitting Aquarius. Also, Saturn in Aquarius introduces more new laws from authorities around the world that are not welcomed because Saturn stands in the square of Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) the star of revolutions who is now in Taurus and strengthens the desire for freedom of action and social justice.

14.2 The Moon in Pisces clings to Neptune and floods us with a longing for a utopian world, full of love. The moon softens the atmosphere a bit and today it is worth stopping for a moment and checking what fills you with love and joy. According to these values ​​you are governed and whether you are filled with them or emptied. Also, Lilith in Taurus emphasizes the existing difficulty in the current routine, a real fear of losing property leads to a reduction in expenses and a change in the trend in investments. Lilith squared to Mercury in Aquarius retreat increases the voice of people experiencing economic and social hardship.

15.2 The moon today is close to Chiron in Aries and strengthens the personal pain from the existing situation and the urge for change. Both at a 60-degree angle to Saturn in Aquarius who brings us new laws for a new social order. Saturn in Aquarius is also found in the square of Uranus in Taurus deepening the gap between the establishment of the new laws of society and the disintegration of the economic and social order.

16.2 - 17.2 Venus in Aquarius emphasizes to us the need for change, is in a challenging square to Mars in Taurus. The rift between those who yearn for change and those who hold on to the existing is growing. The gap could lead to acts of violence in the name of justice, taking the law into their own hands.

18.2 Sun passes to Pisces. Happy Birthday! The last sign in the zodiac and the third from the water zodiac. Pisces symbolizes the depths of the sea. The deepest emotions - love-hate, light, and darkness. Pisces symbolizes the difference and on the other hand, complements. Giving up the self for a greater truth. Pisces symbolizes faith in something greater than us. On the negative, faith stems from fear and anxiety. On the positive side, belief stems from self-awareness and connection to nature and the universe.

The ruling stars on Pisces are Neptune which shows us how vast the universe is and I am a tiny particle of the system. Jupiter symbolizes expansion and abundance.

The transition from the sun to Pisces slightly softens the atmosphere and introduces the emotional element. An understanding is created that the real power for positive change comes from the love for others wherever he is and self-love. Pisces symbolizes the power of togetherness, the depths of the sea, just as the sea is a vast collection of tiny drops, so each of us is part of the whole.

with love,


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