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Upcoming Forecast 19.2 till 26.2

This week, the two giants Saturn in Aquarius star in the square of Uranus in Taurus. This angle symbolizes for us a struggle between new laws of various governments and institutions and opposition and even rebellion on the part of citizens. This angle will be repeated during 2021 and will give the background in the coming year.

19.2 Venus and Mars in a challenging square that requires us to have the courage to decide what we want versus what we need. Venus is in Aquarius and intensifies the need for change, upheaval, and renewal is squared to Mars in Taurus who prefers to rest and pushes to do so only out of a sense of lack of choice. This angle can cause anger out of disappointment, leading to separations and disconnections. Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo are mainly affected. Keep in mind that at the moment even Mercury in stopping may cause a misunderstanding. You should check with yourself what you are disappointed with and how to avoid confrontation and reach a mutual understanding.

20.2 The Moon in Gemini makes the atmosphere lighter and more fluid, although we are still under the influence of the square between Venus and Mars that emphasizes the need to communicate with each other with the utmost care and delicacy.

21.2 - 22.2 The tension in the air increases step by step. Venus clings to the asteroid Palace in Aquarius and together increase the need to solve social problems in unconventional ways. Both are squared to Mars in Taurus which slowly digests the gospel but comes out against it with great intensity. Communication star Mercury returns to direct gear in Aquarius and with it, the energy is renewed and the batteries fill up. It's time to publish new ideas and offer unconventional solutions to existing problems.

23.2 - 24.2 The Moon in Cancer weighs a little on the atmosphere. Time to stay close to family and close friends. Mars in Taurus in the triangle to Pluto in Capricorn. Although the angle is harmonious, the connection of the two stars transmits forceful energy of the struggle for survival and destruction of the existing and the construction of a new one. Land instability and economic crisis.

25.2 Release. Sun in Pisces in hexagon Uranus in Taurus brings optimism and a new spirit of hope. Relative release of restrictive laws on the part of governments that make promises for the benefit of citizens. On a personal level this is an opportunity to be inspired, create a new job, and reach a high level of awareness.

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