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Upcoming Forecast 22.1 - 29.1

What an interesting period we are going through. In the last week, the level of tension has risen. We are inundated with statements about illness and healing when in fact no statement is certain. The important fact here is that along with all the conflicting stories and news, the power ultimately lies with us. So if you have been exposed to statements that raise more questions than answers, share and ask.

22.1 Reality and imagination mix. What is truth and what is an illusion? What is allowed and what is forbidden? Everything seems illogical and so logical together that it is hallucinatory. The groundbreaking Mars, the spark for action, and the planet Uranus of the Revolution are close in Taurus and stand in an exact square to Jupiter in Aquarius which amplifies the energy where it is for better or worse. Together they make the agenda that has been untidy for some time already.

23.1 - 24.1 Sun is close to Saturn in Aquarius and we are introduced to new world order, new laws for society, or perhaps for the oppression of society?

Despite the new order, the atmosphere is still very explosive with the square between Mars and Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Aquarius. The earth is moving, full of fluctuations and occurrences. Outbreaks of conflicting information, what is true and what is false? Potential for coups, various uprisings, and acts of violence. On a personal level, avoid confrontations, drive carefully, take media coverage with a limited guarantee, ignore suspicious emails. Take a deep breath and spread their length in love.

25.1 - 26.1 The atmosphere of the coup is still strong. Mars in Taurus squared to Jupiter in Aquarius bring about an acceleration in the level of changes in our daily routine. The feeling is that we have been through a period and all this in a few days.

27.1 Emotions cool to the point of freezing with Venus' attachments to Pluto in Capricorn. Venus, which symbolizes our emotional needs, becomes cold and calculated in Capricorn. Now, with his closeness to Pluto the emotions are frozen. There is a flood of a lot of fears and anxieties but at the same time, they symbolize an extraordinary power of survival. Do you ask if it pays to be in a relationship? At work? Studies? Affected by this energy are mainly Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra.

28.1 Tonight the moon is full, very powerful in Leo, and symbolizes a longing for a strong and admirable rule. The full moon stands in front of the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius which illuminates with tremendous power social change and going beyond the conditions of society. The eclipse highlights the gap between the government and the people.

Mars adjacent to Lilith Taurus creates a challenging T junction to the full moon in Leo and front of it to the sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. Together they create a tense atmosphere, a great sense of disgust and violence. Nevertheless, the atmosphere is a bit moderate with the entry into Mercury’s retreat today in Aquarius for three weeks until 21.2.2021 and gives us time to check the righteousness of our path. Are we authentic to ourselves and our values ​​or not?

So far,

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