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Upcoming Forecast 5.2 till 12.2

This week the constellation is very large in Aquarius and instills in us an urge to change and break the routine, but note that Mercury is in retreat and can create shortcomings in communication and even anger. It is advisable to change the movement at a slow pace despite the internal burning for a change.

5.2 Time to reorganize goals, plan studies, re-examine collaborations, and in general open the mind to new ways financially, partnerships, relationships, and personal development. Venus clings to Saturn in Aquarius which dictates the blowing mood and forces us to adapt our needs to weather changes.

6.2 - 7.2 The rupture between the theory is very strong when each side pulls in its direction. We have several squares in the sky between the groundbreaking Aquarius sign and Taurus holding on to the existing one. These two zodiac signs belong to the set of fixed zodiac signs and fill the atmosphere stubbornly when each side is sure that he is right and is not willing to compromise towards the other side. Sun in Aquarius fills us with groundbreaking ideas, is in a challenging square for Mars in Taurus that pushes for action within the familiar and well-known routine. Another square is created between Jupiter in Aquarius which fills us with the desire to break the existing framework and Lilith in Taurus who puts doubt from the step into the unknown and leaves the place in the hope that change will come from outside. Third square! Created between Venus and Saturn in Aquarius who shape our personal needs according to the emerging situation outside, and Uranus the star of revolutions who is in Taurus which symbolizes security and routine. There is no doubt that we are in the formation of a new reality.

8.2 - 9.2 The media today is turbulent and full of shortcomings and misunderstandings. You should take very limited "facts" that are told to you. Keep in mind that interpretation of reality is subjective and everyone has a different point of view. Mercury retreated clinging to the sun today and melted from the proximity to it. At the same level in Aquarius is the asteroid Vesta and the urge for social justice are greatly strengthened. Vesta reinforces ideals for society and equal rights. All this takes place when in the background Saturn in Aquarius imposes a new reality on us and stands at a 90-degree angle to Uranus in Taurus that shakes the security, economy, values ​​we relied on, and routine.

10.2 Time to be filled with ideas and energy to change the routine of your life, plan steps forward. Venus clings to Jupiter in Aquarius and fills the batteries with energy. Along with enthusiasm, beware of haste and drift from a momentary impulse to ideas that may be too big for you right now.

11.2 The birth of the moon in Aquarius adjacent to Mercury in retreat and square to Mars in Taurus. The intensification of the longing for change that has been bubbling for some time with the vast constellation of Aquarius. There may be shortcomings in the media, acts of violence, and groups of people taking the law into their own hands. The courage to change intensifies, but along with it, notice that you are positively changing movement out of gratitude and illuminating the environment.

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