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Upcoming Forecast 7.5 - 13.5

The coming week is on a relatively calm trend, although we are still experiencing the aftershock of solar proximity to Uranus in Taurus.

7.5 - 8.5 The energetic pressure is released slightly. Mercury has moved to Gemini, his luck for a long time in which he will retreat from 29.5 to 22.6 and will have the opportunity to look at reality from a different angle and honestly ask if we make excuses with reality or take personal responsibility and change movement. In other words, pay attention to the way you translate reality. At the same time, Venus in Taurus in the triangle to Pluto in Capricorn deepens the digging into the depths of the soul and exposes the layers that burden us mentally for the work of mental cleansing and healing. This angle is also wonderful for deepening couple ties. Despite the relative relief, there is a sense of dissatisfaction that comes from Venus in Taurus squared to Jupiter in Aquarius, a challenging angle that reinforces the feeling that what is there is not enough and hunger is still great. You should stop for a moment and thank for what is out of knowing nothing is taken for granted.

9.5 - 10.5 Mars in hexagonal Cancer Uranus in Taurus increases anger and violence among minority groups fighting for their principles. The planet Venus shifts to Gemini and brings a flood of media news. You should take a deep breath and verify the source of the information and its level of reliability before responding.

11.5 The birth of the moon in Taurus is close to the sun and both in the hexagon of Neptune in Pisces instill optimism about improving the economic and social situation. At the same time, new truths are revealed about the vitality of laws and restrictions with Mercury attached to the head of a dragon in Gemini and both in the Triangle of Saturn in Aquarius. Personally, this is a good time to create new projects and collaborations.

12.5 Social unrest and with it a tendency to protest and violence. Mars in Cancer Square to Chiron in Aries sound the pain of weak groups and minorities that are not usually heard.

13.5 Jupiter The gas giant moves into Pisces. The last time he visited Pisces was 12 years ago. Try to remember where you were and what you did? Jupiter, the largest planet in the system after the sun, amplifies the energy where it gets better and worse, Jupiter will enter Pisces retreat on 20.6 and return to Aquarius on 29.7 to 29.12 then part with Aquarius until the next encounter in 12 years and finally enters Pisces. Jupiter symbolizes expansion, abundance, faith, philosophy. Jupiter in Pisces expresses the truth that comes to us from the universe, from the outside to the inside. Intuition is strengthened and with it the inner connection to pay. A high emotional awareness that each of us is a tiny drop from an infinite ocean that makes up the whole. The intuition is strengthened, the feelings of the other are felt and it is impossible to ignore and think that each one is only for himself. One person's action affects his environment and is likened to a drop falling into the water and forming circles around it. With the entry of Jupiter into Pisces, the power of togetherness is revealed and with it the infinite power that exists in connecting from love. So far, with love, Maya Goor Petel

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