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Upcoming Forecast 8.10 - 14.10

The coming week is full of action. Goals grow and courage increases but it is important to emphasize the way you communicate with the environment.

8.10 Many disagreements and different points of view collide with each other with solar proximity to Mars in Libra versus Chiron in Aries and at an angle of 150 to Uranus in Taurus. Together they raise the neuroticism and really need to maintain a mature discourse and avoid being shot. The relief comes from the transition from Venus to Sagittarius, which gives us optimism, lightness, and relief in laws that restrict freedom of movement.

9.10 Time to think about where did we come from and where did we go? Adjacent to Mars, Sun, and Mercury in Libra brings us to calculate what we have provided and make plans for the next three months - Mercury's next cycle.

10.10 Feeling a refreshing breeze? The moon clings to Venus in Sagittarius and gives us an optimistic and happy atmosphere. At the same time, the proximity of Mars, Sun, and Mercury in Libra puts restlessness and a strong desire to be in action and movement. If you want to go out into nature, into spaces, this is the time.

11.10 - 12.10 The feeling of freedom is reduced with Saturn in Aquarius in hexagon to Venus in Sagittarius. There is a realization that in order to be truly free, we must take responsibility for ourselves. The environment can advise but my personal execution.

13.10 - 14.10 A strong desire for freedom in the face of fear of change. Sun and Mars in Libra in the triangle Jupiter in Aquarius expand freedom of expression and movement. At the same time, Sun and Mars at an angle of 150 to Neptune in Pisces show us that the reality is still unclear and in addition, a challenging square is created between Sun and Mars and Pluto in Capricorn that sharpens the fear of losing control. What do you choose?

So far,

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