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Upcoming Forecast 11.6 - 17.6

The solar eclipse energy resonates strongly. Lots of talks, reviews, and interpretations. Everyone has something to say and everyone is sure of their righteousness. An atmosphere of chaos, like several songs playing from different directions at the same time.

11.6 The media is confusing. Sun, Moon, and Mercury (which is in retreat) in Gemini in Neptune Square in Pisces obscure news. Lots of baseless news. Beware of judging by a rumor only. Especially at this time, it is important to take a deep breath, verify the truths of stories and rumors before concluding.

12.6 The ego rises with the transition of Mars to Leo. The desire to impress is great but pay attention to the way, it is no less important. Mars at an angle of 150 to Jupiter in Pisces increases the gap between what is shown outwardly and the inner feelings and emotions. Jupiter in Pisces floods the world of emotion hidden for cleansing and healing work and is now at a challenging angle to Mars that exacerbates the fire of Leo. The exterior and visibility. The energies are opposite and collide with each other.

13.6 A good time to help and manage the needs of family and loved ones. Venus in Cancer squared to Chiron in Aries strengthens the neglected personal and family needs, the pain does not give rest and now there is an opportunity to fill the space with Uranus in Taurus in hexagon Venus in Cancer that together allow to breakthrough in terms of personal and family needs. Along with the opportunity, there is a doubt that stops the enthusiasm from running ahead. Saturn in Aquarius at an angle of 150 to Venus in Cancer, forces us to stop and check every step we take if it pays off for us.

14.6 Saturn enters the retreat in Aquarius and floods all the problems that have not been solved so far. Saturn in Aquarius corrects social injustice by causing problems to arise and plague until there is no choice but to correct.

14.6 - 16.6 Saturn and Uranus form an exact square and symbolize the beginning of a new period. The framing and rigid Saturn, in Aquarius, create a new social order. Uranus in Taurus breaks frames and breaks new ground. The historical square between Saturn and Uranus symbolizes the beginning of a new economic and social period. Notice which laws are already affecting our lifestyle and which new laws are on the way and who do the laws serve?

16.6 - 17.6 Sun in Gemini at an angle of 150 to Pluto in Capricorn. Energy is a stark contrast between light and darkness. Between the light, we illuminate out and the deep emotions. Time to check how big the gap is and how you can clear the oppressive precipitation that is stopping you from moving forward.

Wishing us all a Shabbat Shalom and a week of awareness of light and love


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