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Upcoming Forecast 15.1 - 22.1

We are on an awakening trend with Mercury in Aquarius adjacent to Jupiter and both in a challenging square to Uranus in Taurus. Together they shake and awaken us to open our eyes to what is happening around us. Energy now illuminates for us personal abilities and new ways in which we can adapt ourselves to the existing situation.

15.1 The atmosphere is lively and full of different opinions. There is a division into different groups in many countries that everyone has something to say and is confident in the righteousness of his way. Saturn in Aquarius squared to Mars in Taurus emphasize the clash between a strong sense of blasting and the desire for freedom. At the same time, Mars in Taurus is in the triangle of Venus in Capricorn and instills in us a strong motivation and self-discipline to carry out goals that have been defined as ideas until now. Sun and Pluto are closely related in Capricorn, revealing to us fears and anxieties about the current situation, so it is worthwhile to share friends' feelings, strengthen and become stronger. The moon clings to Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius and soaks us with new ideas, flashes, and thinking outside the box, but Uranus in Taurus stands in a square, coming out of its retreat, shaking the ground and not giving a moment of rest. A real thriller.

16.1 The atmosphere is tense with the existing rift and division. The strong desire to kick frames and inhale the air of freedom. Today you should look at the half-full glass and say thank you for everything you have because Venus in cold Capricorn and calculated in a harmonic triangle to Lilith in Taurus lowers self-esteem and sense of security.

17.1 - 18.1 Trend change. Although there is still a struggle between blasts and the desire for freedom, Mercury is adjacent to the asteroid Palace in Aquarius and increases the intensity of freedom of expression. Jupiter in Aquarius squared to Uranus in Taurus break the feeling of suffocation, bring about a change in the strict laws.

19.1 The atmosphere warms up with the attachment of the moon to Chiron in Aries, which strengthens the personal difficulty in the current situation and the longing for change. In addition to them, Mars in Taurus advances towards Uranus and raises the aggressiveness.

Today the sun is moving to Aquarius. Happy Birthday! The eleventh zodiac sign in the zodiac and the third from the zodiac. Aquarius symbolizes human intelligence. Think outside the box. Aquarius comes after Capricorn and shows us that matter is only a means and not an end. Aquarius zodiac signs with rapid perception, perpetuate themselves by transferring knowledge. Feel above all, sometimes perceived as strange in the eyes of society.

The planet that controls Aquarius is Uranus and symbolizes transformation, enlightenment, change, revolution, a new way of thinking. An encounter with a reality different from what we know, a new experience, a new way, and new tools for dealing with the existing. Fears, insecurity, and on the other hand a strong emotion to go the new way, adrenaline, excitement. With the help of the new evidence, it is possible to break conventions and stipulations that society dictates. Uranus represents the rebels in society, breaks social conventions, and builds a new society. The pioneers create a new reality, different from what they were born into. Aquarius controls the blood vessels and nervous system. Aquarius may suffer from a sense of superiority, wanting to love everyone collectively and not on a personal level. Rebellion, anger, anarchy. Suitable professions for Aquarius are computers, electronics, astrology, science, aviation.

The transition of the sun to Aquarius strengthens the new wind blowing from the wide constellation found in Aquarius and strengthens the sense of courage to break through the glass ceiling and renew. Originally implement new plans. But may also create rebellion and retaliation and physical violence.

20.1 A revolutionary atmosphere, excitement, anger, and burglary. Mars and Uranus on the same degree in Taurus and both in the square of Jupiter in Aquarius strongly shake the routine and break social conditioning. May lead to an increase in anger and violence.

21.1 Action! The moon is close to Uranus and Mars in Taurus and they are all squared to Jupiter in Aquarius. An atmosphere of economic, social change is very strong and extremely powerful. We are exposed to a new reality that we did not know, in which the pace of events is accelerated and we are in it. Personally, it's time to increase the light! To accept with tolerance and compassion what is different from you, to be in giving and helping others, and to inspire the environment through joy, humility, and gratitude.

with love,


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