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Upcoming Forecast 18.6 till 24.6

The media is still loud, but we are nearing the end of Mercury’s retreat which will temper the atmosphere a bit. Saturn and Uranus in the historical square are changing the face of society and the economy beyond recognition.

18.6 Ego and power and opposite compassion and sensitivity. Mars in Leo raises the temperature gauge, increases anger and belligerence, and the desire to control. But Mars is at an angle of 150 to Jupiter in Pisces which softens the attacks, slows down the onslaught, and gives us a broad view of things. Is it time to stop the race for a moment and ask yourself "what do I get out of this in the long run"?

19.6 Public and personal discourse are moderating. The Moon in Libra creates a harmonious air triangle with Mercury in retreat in Gemini and Saturn in retreat in Aquarius. Together they direct us to constructive and mature communication by exercising judgment, personal responsibility, and a shared desire for development.

20.6 Jupiter today moves to a retreat in Pisces for four months until 17.10.2021. The feeling is of a slowdown in optimism and euphoria. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius symbolizes the justice and truth that come out and during a retreat, there is an energy slowdown and reduction to test whether we are progressing and evolving according to the order of our hearts and our abilities.

21.6 Sun moves to Cancer. Congratulations! Cancer symbolizes the home we were born into. The roots from which we grew. The environment is closest to us. The cancer is wrapped in a rigid appearance that hides the tenderness and vulnerability from within. Sensitive and introverted. Symbolizes the mother who protects her children at all costs.

The ruler of Cancer is the moon, the closest celestial body to Earth. The moon is responsible for the stability of the tides and seasons. Many religions and cultures use lunar cycles to create the calendar.

In astrology, the moon symbolizes the primary source of nourishment, motherhood, emotion, food, warmth, security, internalization of processes.

Excellent memory, historians, warm and dedicated family members, caring for children. May suffer from mood swings, insecurity, introversion, and excessive worrying.

As the sun enters Cancer, it forms a harmonic triangle to Jupiter in Pisces and the humidity of course rises. Personally, emotions surge and there is a need to converge inward and see if there is a fit between our desires and doing outward, and our inner needs.

22.6 Emotions rise. The Sun in Triangle Cancer to Jupiter in Pisces, in addition, Venus in Cancer in Triangle to Neptune in Pisces. Lots of water! There is a need to gather now and stay with family and close friends. A wonderful time to also be alone, meditate, create and bring out the artist in you.

23.6 Mercury finishes its retreat in Gemini and is in stop mode. A sense of blasting, standing still. Time to set goals for Mercury's return to direct gear and a return to accelerated energy.

24.6 The atmosphere is serious and heavy with the full moon in Capricorn versus Sun in Cancer. In addition, Venus in Cancer is facing Pluto in Capricorn and deepening the economic crisis. The need to fundamentally change the economic and social system is well felt.

Personally, it is an intense time for deep mental work, to cleanse and break free from oppressive patterns to grow and progress fruitfully and fruitfully.

Wishing us all a Shabbat Shalom and a week full of insights and joy.

with love

Maya Goor Petel

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